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Efficient Market Hypothesis Of Thai Stock Market
62 pages (15500 words) , Dissertation
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This study needs to address the hypothesis testing whether SET50 and SET100 Indexes follow the random walk or not. Level of the efficiency of Thailand stock exchange market is also determined for a period of four years. It also aims to investigate the impacts of external as well as internal factors on SET50 and SET100 Indexes.
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Unfair Terms in the Contracts and Exclusion of Liabilities
62 pages (15500 words) , Essay
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The author states that an unfair term in a contract implies that the contract contains a clause capable of causing imbalances in the rights and obligations concerning one of the parties to the contract significantly detrimental to the party. There is enough guidance to show which term can be categorized as unfair.
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Problem solving in a workplace
62 pages (15500 words) , Download 5 , Essay
The aim of this paper is to bring out the way the Strategic Defense and Security Review is impacting on the REME operations. A lot of techniques, methods, and theories have been analyzed to guide the possible solution of the various problems faced by the REME Corps of the British Army. The problem solving model is important to address the issues.
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Improving Brand Loyalty through Brand Image Starbucks Company essay example
Improving Brand Loyalty through Brand Image Starbucks Company
62 pages (15500 words) , Dissertation
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The findings show that Starbucks is already implementing many strategies that are improving its brand. Starbucks is now a household name and is continuing to delve into other areas such as joining forces with large companies to continue branching out. The company joins the recycling revolution and the Green Power Market Development Group.
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Analysing the Impact of Capital Structure on the Performance of UK Financial Institutions
62 pages (15500 words) , Dissertation
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Scope and Limitations of the Study 10 Chapter 2: Literature Review and Theory 11 2.1. Introduction 11 2.2. Concept of Capital Structure 11 2.3. Factors influencing the choice of capital structure 13 2.4. Theories of capital structure 13 2.4.1. The Trade-off Theory 13 2.4.2.
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