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British Stereotypes - Essay Example

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This paper will look at the common stereotypes linked with British and how these stereotypes are justified. The next section of the paper will show the negative and the positive stereotypes given by foreigners.

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British Stereotypes

There goes the old ethnic joke which clearly depicts stereotyping among different cultures. Stereotype denotes simplified and fixed image of all members of a culture or group. Stereotypes are often based on race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender, and national origins (Stereotypes 2006). It is irrefutable that the world is filled with stereotypes as each one of us often tries to associate a certain trait or characteristics in an individual based on the common stereotype placed on the culture and race a person belongs to. For example, people always tend to characterize Americans as people who are superficial and with no fashion sense.
One of the most common stereotypes about British is their having bad teeth. The concept of “bad British teeth” can be traced as American’s perception on Britons. This concept is even worsened when Lisa Simpson was shown by her orthodontist as “The Big Book of British Teeth (Guardian Unlimited 2006).”
British recognize that their teeth are relatively worse than their counterparts for a lot of reasons. Firstly, the structure of American teeth is really whiter and straighter than Britons. Aside from that, it was also recognized that Americans invests money on their dental health while British think that cosmetic surgery and self manipulation is vanity. It should also be noted that only a few number of British over the age of 35, regardless of income and social status have had orthodontia. In America, there is an overwhelming social pressure to have aligned and white teeth. Orthodontia has been a social necessity in the United States since 1970 (Why do Americans 2005).

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