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The main principles included the social settings, social relationships, cultural practices, and present trends that can be used to provide an ethnographic description of the term. Findings were also compared and contrasted to some of the theories that relate to the topic of the study. Consequently, the study provided an all rounded understanding of the barbeque through time and various trends that have changed.
The project was carried out in Melbourne, one of the major towns in Australia where the barbeque culture has been adopted by time. The location was strategically chosen due to factors such as financial, accessibility and socio-cultural backgrounds among others. The research took place over a period of one month, a calculated period that would provide substantial data to the projects. Additionally, there were also variations that were put in place due to changes in time caused by weather and other unwanted causes. However, the study took place at the specified time and date was strategically collected from the locals. It also focused on some of the local celebration that involved lamb and pork barbeques. The location was chosen based on factors such as tourism and entertainment that the town has been well for been known. Moreover, the locality has an added advantage due to its proximity to the ocean; that is used in transportation for social and cultural integration.
The participants included some of the town folks and those from neighboring residential areas. The variation in the participants was due to the changes in cultural and social backgrounds due to the rural-urban migration. However, a detailed literature review of the study provided a foundation for the right locations to gather information. The population sample included individuals ranging from the age of forty to seventy years. The age bracket had an added advantage because the subjects had longer experiences of most of the social and cultural activities in the ...
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However, the barbeque is a variety of food that is broiled or roasted on a rack, mostly pork, lamb or goat. The study was used to…
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