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The Chatelperronian

As part of the Palaeolithic, there is heavy use of the lithic reduction technique and an emphasis on the use of one or two striking points as a way of creating stone tools (Movius, 1969). One of the most interesting aspects of the Chatelperronian industry is that many of the finds correspond to the period of transition between the middle and upper Palaeolithic eras, meaning that the Chatelperronian industry could straddle the interactions between Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens (Lenoble, 2008). In fact, recent analysis of bone samples from the Grotte du Renne and Saint Cesaire areas of France suggest that there are Chatelperronian tools that have been manufactured by Neanderthals (Hublin et al, 2012).. Evidence suggests that it was manufactured by later Neanderthals after interaction with Homo sapiens, suggesting that there may have been a cultural overlap between the two species and some sharing of ideas (Hublin et al, 2012) As previously mentioned, many of the key sites for research into the Chatelperronian industry are based in France, with St. Cesaire, Grotte du Renne at Arcy-sur-Cure, La Ferassie, Brassempouy, Roc de Combe and Le Piage being the most important and the most well-covered by the literature (Mellars, 2000). ...
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The Chatelperronian Industry The Chatelperronian Industry was an important industry in the central and southern parts of France. The term Chatelperronian comes from a site named la Grotte des Fees in the town of Chatelperron (Gravina et al, 2005). The industry is considered to be the earliest in the area, occurring in the Upper Palaeolithic era between 35,000 and 29,000 years ago (Gravina et al, 2005)…
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