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History portrays that they were generally quite peaceful people who survived through trade and farming. Even so, the Anasazi later disappeared, causing many varied academic postulations. Various theories, such as climate change theories, religious theories, and cannibalism theory suggest different reasons for their disappearance. Climate change theories postulate that climatic changes led to the area receiving unreliable rainfall causing the community to leave. Drought theory postulates that the 1276-199. On the other hand, religious theories point out that certain religious practices must have been responsible for the disappearance of the Anasazi. Cannibalism theory asserts possible existence of a cannibal group is likely to have contributed to the disappearance of the Anasazi. All theories contribute to the understanding of the Anasazi. Disappearance of the Anasazi For a long time, major aspects of southwestern archaeology have continued to perplex many people. Despite the fact that there have been various theories that have substantially attempted to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of the Anasazi, one may observe that even the most acceptable explanations remain largely postulations. Of course any reasonable person would ask why a community of people who live so peacefully could just abandon their civilizations and head into the unknown. ...
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The Anasazi were a group of early settlers who made dwellings in the southwestern region of present day America. They had an elaborate and complex lifestyle that depended heavily on religion and agriculture. …
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