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The khipu system of the Andes

Through this main concept, there is the ability to understand how the Khipu System developed as a needed system in the Andes, as well as how it has developed into a writing system. The Khipu System of the Andes The concept of the Khipu System developed in the Andes as a formation of communication from the Incas. The system began with the belief in a need to record information and history as well as stories that were a part of the culture. This was combined with the visualization and symbols that were often attributed to the Incas and which were used in creating a sense of understanding through various shapes and forms that were recorded in the culture. The Incas developed the Khipu system specifically to create a recordkeeping attribute to the society and to tell the stories to others which could be passed down outside of oral storytelling and into the visualization and material goods which could keep records of those that were a part of the Inca society. The perspectives which were created were based on a combined effort with hieroglyphs, pictographic tests and a known form of early writing within the Andes (Boone, Mignolo, 5). The development of the Khipu didn’t just develop because of the need to pass down history and to have a form of writing. The formation of a knot system as communication came specifically because of the developments which the race already had. ...Show more


Introduction The Khipu System of the Andes is one which is now regarded as an ancient way of talking. The Khipu system is also referred to as talking knots, specifically because they were able to create a set of stories and writing that were told through the various types of knots…
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The khipu system of the Andes essay example
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