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Minoan and Mycenaean

The island of Crete was home to the Minoans while Mainland Greece for the Mycenaeans. Also, though there is no written record, Minoans and Mycenaeans are believed to speak Greek. Geographically speaking, we come to understand that Minoans had more advantage geographically as Crete soil is very fertile that spurred growth of affluent population. This pushed the Minoans to develop the first civilization in Europe which was a sort of imitation of the Egyptian culture. However, because of the increasing standard of living they had, they out grew their limited resources and had Mycenaean culture lord over them when their economic and political system started crumbling down ("Minoan Culture and the Mycenaeans." N.p., n.d).
The Mycenaeans, according to many scholars became more advanced and knowledgeable than the Minoans when it comes to infrastructure and livelihood. They were able to develop roads first, as they did not seem to have ridden on horses as they were small. However, there were some inventories found in their palace ruins that proved their use of chariots at their time. Aside from that, the Mycenaeans also showed more prowess in weaponry as there were a lot of information drawn from symbols, though are still subject to interpretation, that conveyed this culture to having what we call today swords and daggers. Because of this, Mycenaeans were deemed as more powerful than the Minoans that led the latter to take over the Minoan culture. The cities that Mycenaeans developed were even called warlord cities because their society was primarily geared towards battle and invasion (Minoan and Mycenaean Cultures. N.p, n.d).
Architecture has always been a strong point for both cultures as they developed sophisticated architecture alike. This is their way of expending their wealth. Both had a royal class especially the Mycenaeans which drew a strong line between the poor and the rich as the skeletal remains found by archeologists proved ...
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During the International Bronze Age, these two appeared on the Eastern Mediterranean thus, they have always been associated with each other because of the fact that the…
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