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Lessons from Tribal People

According to ManKiller and Lyon tribal mind set is different from Other Americans as they are pure in their thoughts and feelings. They have the gratitude to life, nature and God. They value relationship and hard work.
As per ( Spaid )“Mankiller says the Cherokees, who dont live on a reservation, are not as isolated and have more industries than most Indian peoples”. Mankiller suggest that the universal nature of tribal people is that they value their tradition and culture enormously.Living a simpler tribal existence means staying away from complexities of urban life. The life in the modern world is just a way to destroy nature. In the modern world, the natural resources are exploited and man has less consideration for nature and humanity. According to (Jayson,) “Primitive people lead self-sufficient lives that do not destroy the biosphere that supports them” .Simple tribal life is pure and living in alliance with nature and respecting earth its creature and God.
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According to ( Anistara)“The Hopi and the Kogi are only two among many indigenous cultures that have ancient prophecies of mans destruction of nature…
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