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Development of Ancient Greek Burial Customs

While certain cultures developed deep veneration such as worshipping one’s ancestors, other cultures developed more simple attitudes such as leaving the dead to the mercy of the elements. In this sense, the burial rites and their evolution in ancient Greece was of importance since Greece is considered as the pinnacle of the earliest ancient civilizations. Burial rites underwent major transformations in ancient Greece as the civilization moved from one period to another. The practices revolved around inhumation, cremation, leaving offerings, buildings graves and tombs. Various periods had various characteristics that defined burial rites. This paper will explore the various ideas and attitudes in regards to Greek burial rites, rituals and customs that evolved over the years. The practice of burying the dead existed in ancient Greece early on and there were little changes in the basic practices. The earliest burials in Greece can be traced back to the Mycenaean period. The Mycenaean culture tended to bury the dead along with his possessions and there is some evidence to indicate that graves were being reused. The Mycenaean burial tradition is special since a connection to the dead person was always maintained. ...
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Development of ancient Greek burial customs Veneration of the dead has been a characteristic symbol of nearly all civilizations. It has been typical for the dead to be entombed so that the tomb or grave could be revisited for paying respect. Man has always been afraid of death and dying and the development of religion has placed great emphasis on how the dead should be buried…
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