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Otzi the Iceman

Numerous scans show that the Iceman was living in the mountains when he succumbed to his death.
The discovery of Otzi is important because ice preserves most of his body. It plays an important role in the archaeological research because they can identify most of the things. Ice preservation helps archaeological individuals update history with the help of facts about Otzi the Iceman. Discovery of the Otzi with his possessions helps individuals to identify the things he was using to survive the period. The discovery of Otzi has helped the archaeology research explain the livelihood of people in Europe for more than 5000 years ago (Maderspacher, 25). The history of Europe majorly relies on the written documents of history. It means the discovery of Otzi was necessary in the find in the history of Europe. Discovery of Otzi results in the knowledge of the trade and customs of the ancient ...
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The German hikers spotted some brown substance on the surface of the ground while on their vacation in Germany (Bolt, 830). Otzi existed in 5200 years ago, and scientists believe that…
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