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post-processual archaeology (burial)

To find objective information or to conduct research from an objective perspective when it comes to skeleton, it would only be achieved if there were absolutely no information of the skeletons or cadavers excavated. In addition, objectivity is not achieved following the presence or absence of a number of aspects that directly relate to demographics as archeologists first seek information prior to taking action in excavation. This way, they acquire historical facts and demographic information as can be seen in the case of the Nile Valley, where excavation is based on historical information (Larsen 120). This way, the race and typing of demographics, as well as classification of skeletons found denies archeology a chance to be objective. This is due to the bias of already having particulate information on skeletons making sure that the morphological differences are identified and used prior to making new findings, which is hardly ever the case. ...
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Name Tutor Course Date Questions of the relationship between subjective and objective research in archeology has been related to multiple aspects that include culture and social factors, which include researchers’ interests. Because of this, it is relevant to look at different aspects of bio archeology and its relationship with culture and how they affect one another on different perspectives…
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