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British Avante Garde Films

In spite of their seeming records for a status in a new anti-realist genre (including crime films and science fiction film), most of them were placed in the sunset world of lukewarm black and white B-movies.
Such censures ultimately could stir the scholars and experts a bit and in recent times there is a sturdy growth in publications on British cinema although compared to the American scene the subject is still suffers from a relative lack of material. The tidy and wide contours the Hollywood cinema attained during the fifties and sixties and profited from the growth of film studies in the seventies.
This is yet to be imitated in British cinema. Among the many revealing dealing of British film history Sarah Street's book British National Cinema (published in 1997). Street shows that "there is no such thing as a typical British film" (198). ...
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In the early thirties, there was a very pessimistic attitude even among internationally known noted film directors that the art of films does not match the English psyche. This cynical approach towards British cinema has, to some extent, been endorsed by British critics and scholars by showing an outward unwillingness to study the national cinema…
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