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But lo and behold, the trek westward and the cementing of the future of the next generations were never easy tasks. Those western films we grew up with had always taught us that there were villains along the way who made sure that future America cannot partake of the wealth and prosperity that would be generated by the gold strikes in California and the oil finds in Texas among other discoveries of the west's vast natural resources. These brutal, uncivilized savages they named as Indians or red men were called by them as America's version of the Barbarians, the Tartars, the Huns, the Vandals and the Visigoths. They were supposed to be the embodiment of evil. These former western movies depicted them as hindrance to civilized man's search for prosperity and as such they should be obliterated by whatever means possible
But then like a breath of fresh air, came Dances With Wolves which humanized these savages and depicted them not as vicious villains but as victims who are continually being forced out of their own lands that their ancestors owned since time immemorial, albeit without deeds of title, by this thundering horde of gun-toting imperialist Americans who leave no stone unturned
to erase them from the face of the earth and thus remove all possible claimants to the title of these new, vast lands which held massive potentials. ...
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America has always glorified that one chapter in its history whereby it started to make a push westward and opened new frontiers to the west, capturing control of that vast wilderness west of the eastern colonies. That was one historic moment, America keeps on harking and reminiscing about…
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