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Title:ˆ Construction Technology

The building envelope is a key aspect in the design, in terms of the external climatic factor that is driven upon the internal environment.
envelope are determined by external climatic drivers at given locations. Having a temperate maritime location, UK has better opportunity to significantly reduce the energy requirements of any given building. Elements of a passive solar design can be done in the south side of any given building or structure that is super insulated, while the super insulated approach would be a feature of the north side of a passive solar building. Energy efficiency that is improved can be used to help make a case for refurbishment of a building envelope. A very common building envelope element to be upgraded is glazing. Glazing is utmost generally accepted in energy terms because it replaces perfectly serviceable even in thermally inefficient steel frames. However, double glazing normally provides additional non-energy related benefits such as reduced risk of condensation. Moreover, if the glazing of frames needs replacement, you need to consider the over-cost of high performance system in comparison to the base-case option courtesy of the Building Regulations. ...
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The building envelope is a description of everything that separates the interior of a building from the external environment of the building. These include the walls, windows, roof and the ground floor. The prime function of the building envelope is to provide shelter from the cold or hot temperature outside of a building, the rain, the wind or excess sun…
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