Gender and contemporary art

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1. Contemporary art is very diverse in all its kinds and forms. Contemporary art as a very important part of our life influences all sides of human activity and plays significant role in our world understanding. Gender definition in art goes back to the time of our civilization becoming and has always been important for our art comprehension, and we often behold works of art through gender prism and realize as well contemporary as ancient art from this point of view: "In real life our culture defines for us appropriate gender roles, roles which are sometimes restrictive and difficult to escape.


Male nude figures were associated with heroics, family fathers1 and often - with real historical characters: "The idea of the heroic male nude continued well into the 19th century; here Napoleon, who certainly wore a fabulous uniform on the field of battle, is sculpted like a nude Greek god. Perish the thought that his nudity has any sexual resonance" (Sullivan M. A., 2002). Nude female figures were associated differently in different times and epochs: they were symbols of sexual desire, fertility, motherhood, family and so on2. So, gender plays significant role in art of all historical periods, and our time is not exception from this point of view. What is the role and context of gender in contemporary art This paper will explain the answer in the next parts.
2. There is an idea and opinion that the role of gender in contemporary art is important and significant, and people often behold modern art masterpieces with gender idea realization. This idea is interesting and controversial. ...
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