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Is it possible for the architect of one culture to design for another

There are many architectural features which are inherent to different religions. But do the architect's faith and the style of the building designed always coincide The purpose of the paper is answering the following question: is it possible for the architect of one culture to design for another Are there such examples in the history of architecture
2. Interosculation of cultures, including religious, occurs rather often throughout history. "Initial attempts at training the Ottoman architects in contemporary building techniques and European styles were made in 1801, at the new Imperial College of Military Engineering. The first foreign instructor commissioned to teach young Muslim architects was probably the British architect, W.J. Smith" (1). So, in early 19th century (and even earlier) began the interaction of Ottoman and European architectural traditions that is very important for architectural development in the West (Christian culture) and in the East (Muslim culture basically). "The effects of Westernization upon the Ottoman Architecture commenced with the changes seen in applied decoration... ...
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1. Architecture as a kind of art appeared in the Ancient World when peoples and nations realized themselves as independent cultural and religious states. Architecture was always tightly connected with religious and cultural bias of a state and peoples living in it…
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