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Essay example - Picasso in Metropolitan

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Approaching the colossal Metropolitan Museum of Art on Fifth Avenue, with its intimidating Indiana limestone faade of niches, columns and carved architectural details and the accompanying mass of people swarming around the jetting rectangular fountains, is always an awe-inspiring experience…

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Meandering on my path to the goal of this particular trip, I moved through the chiseled arches, distinct vaults and accented doorways surrounding the spectacular displayed items within Medieval Art, and then move into European Sculpture and Decorative Arts. I can't resist a quick glance at the magnificent masks and gorgeous wood carvings so aesthetically arranged in the Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas. A single day would not be enough to truly appreciate all the exhibitions on display on the first floor alone. But I came for a purpose, and continued my journey.
Modern Art is arranged in 11,000 square feet arranged over three levels in the Lila Acheson Wallace Wing, opened in 1987.1 I love moving around the contemporary white walls, so different from the other departments I visited. This is a gift to experience, as there is so much to discover. Here I could walk through the art schools and movements espoused in books, and understand the facts I have read about in a brilliantly new way.
One of the undisputed masters of modern art is the Spanish-born artist Pablo Picasso. ...
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