Color in the Examples of Art Deco

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Colors form an important ingredient in the architecture of an art. It is known fact that colors are kind of identity in modern world. Countries represent themselves with flag which have different colors representing their ideology, culture and history. White color is symbol of peace and black represents intensity.


The experiment and avant-garde process of modern designing was organized in the form of an exhibition which was then called as Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes hosted in the City of Lights, Paris in the year 1925.1 Moreover, the Tutankamun Exhibition held in Paris in the year 1922 gave rise to cross fertilization2 of ideas between various sects of designers such as architects, artists, fashion designer, etc. The treasuries during his exhibit had large impact all over and the colors and design of the jewelries were bold and rich and launched a mania for Egyptian, Turkish and various other exotic styles of ornamentation.
The art deco examples present modernistic and stylistic work, which was vastly recognized and which laid the foundation of transition of cultures and mindset. It is from this era that women started to occupy the men's apparel and spread the new style statement. This rapid shift of style during this era raises eyebrows as how the various forms of colors were identified and the avant-garde shift in designs of furniture, interior, textiles, clothing, architecture, etc. ...
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