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Personal Statement example - art

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Personal Statement
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At one of the most important moments of my life as an artist, I came to recognize the importance of interior design is in the works of an artist. The close connection between interior design and fine art has appealed me as I enjoy fine art background and interior design allows me to marry form and function in creating things that feel useful.

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As time passed by, I realized that my work is the only means for me to contribute to the society I live in and I came to wonder what my work could do for people and how it could make their lives better. Whereas helping people as an artist is a great thing, it was not enough to meet my purpose of life. I have often wondered about the gap between art and real life, and I wish to make the lives of the people better through art. Art and Interior design are closely related and the latter helps me in bridging the gap between art and real life. In other words, my artistic life as an interior designer can help me accomplish my dream to make the lives of the people better. Thus, I have chosen the study of Interior design, because I believe that I can help people as an interior designer.
Interior design is closely connected with fine art and I am greatly excited to learn it. In fact, learning interior design gives me more pleasure and satisfaction than that of fine art. However, I greatly believe that my fine art background helps me to be more creative and successful in interior design.
My great interest in drawing has helped me in developing a positive mental framework towards interior design. Like most other kids, I used to draw and paint during my childhood. ...
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