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Development of Ink Painting in Korea in Twentieth Century - Essay Example

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Born at the start of the twentieth century, Korea's modern painting early progress occurred all through chaotic era noticeable by Japanese colonial rule (1910-45), the changeover to self-governance and the Korean War (1950-1953).
During this time, the customary value system distorted, leading to a pursuit for new standards…

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Development of Ink Painting in Korea in Twentieth Century

At that moment, Korean painting was composed of two common trends: the self-styled Oriental and Western styles (By the 1990s, these two trends have become less different because of synthesis). The fifty-year account of modern Korean painting is in fact the account of the inter-relationship among these two trends as artists have endeavoured to incorporate them into a modern Korean style.
The initial movement in the direction of incorporation of these two trends came about during the Korean War. As artists fled to the rural area, their works began to prove a pensive approach. The movement began with self-styled Oriental method painters, such as Kim Ki-ch'ang.
By traditional materials for instance paper, brushes and ink, Kim painted in a distinctive, semi-abstract style. In his paintings, Kim engaged outlines to sketch human figures with alienated planes as well as scenes from daily life. Kim's unique style and modernization is predominantly extraordinary in light of the fact that he was a custom painter of Oriental paintings.
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