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Quantitative Research Name Institution Introduction This report is aimed at evaluating qualitative techniques that can be used to best present research data synonymous, and appropriately in Architecture, by demonstrating how project research will be undertaken, and the approach to this research is underpinned by current thinking in research methodology and philosophy.


Qualitative Research: Context There has been a substantial growth in qualitative inquiry within social sciences over the past two decades. Miles and Huberman (1994: 1) suggest a tripling of papers and find evidence of significant growth in academic texts. The reasons for this may be clear, as Cassell and Symon (1995: 2) point out that research in social sciences is mostly concerned with people, organizations, and social interactions, and is not well disposed to positivist / scientific philosophy. Since the field of architecture is quite complex, it requires a lot of involvement, and qualitative method best suits researches into the area. There are some risks and challenges facing the researcher adopting this methodology. Some academics are dismissive of the methodology, mostly on grounds of the validity of the approach and consequently the reliability of the findings; whereas, there are arguments that the methods are non-scientific, open to personal opinions, biases, and subjective interpretations. ...
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