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Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988), the celebrated neo-expressionist and the first graffiti artist in New York, has influenced the contemporary art scenario, through his outstanding paintings. The career and life of this great artist represents the riddles of the art in the 1980s, and his insatiable hunger for fame, money, and recognition helped him achieve great appreciation in life.


Though there were trying situations from his early childhood onward, he managed to find the most appropriate ways to counter them and to be exact in his road to fame. He painted as an artist who never bothered of restrictions and he had nothing to lose. Basquiat fought against many distressing situations in his life and rose to attain recognition by the year 1980 through 'The Times Square Show'. He collaborated with many artists of his time, including art-writers, curators, and collectors, to form a group which later came to be called as the Neo-expressionist movement. Though the painter developed to be one of the most realized artists of his time, his friends were worried about his extreme drug consumption, unpredictable behavior etc. Before he died at his 27 due to mixed-drug toxicity, he had achieved significant recognition. For a complete understanding of the life and artistic works of Basquiat, it is pivotal to depend on the authentic bibliography on him. However, the value of the visual means along with the written word cannot be overlooked. ...
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