Roman Abramovich

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The businessman chosen for evaluation is the Russian born Roman Abramovich. The reason for this choice is that Roman Abramovich had very humble origins, and rose from these humble beginnings to become one of the ten richest men in a relatively brief period of time.


Since it is a mix of qualities that have enabled this rise, Roman Abramovich provides the means to learning about several factors that play an important in becoming an extremely successful businessman.
The means adopted to provide material for the literature review on Roman Abramovich will include a manual search in the local library for journals and books to provide the required articles on the life and successes of Roman Abramovich. The next step will be to use the Internet to access databases like JSTOR and EBSCO to acquire more articles on Roman Abramovich to strengthen the information received through the manual search of the local library. The final step will be to use the Google search engine to locate articles on Roman Abramovich, to provide information to fill up the gaps that may be present in the first two steps on securing the required literature for the evaluation of Roman Abramovich. Search terms used in the Internet exercise will include "Roman Abramovich", "biography of Roman Abramovich", "rise of Roman Abramovich", "business successes of Roman Abramovich" and "political astuteness of "Roman Abramovich".
This literature review has its limitations in that literature used for the study of Roman Abramovich is limited to the articles on Roman Abramovich found in the local library and in the JSTOR and EBSCO databases and the information yi ...
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