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Won Kar-wai

To understand how Wong achieved this cult status and why certain elements of his films such as time bear significance, it is important to discuss the history from which he grew as they are both linked.
Collaborating with well known directors such as Patrick Tam in the early 1980's, writing scripts and assisting in direction, Wong learnt from his masters and established himself as one of the second new wave of Hong Kong filmmakers living at a time when issues such as Hong Kong's transfer to China were foremost. Back in 1984 when the Sino-British agreement was drawn charting a plan to handover Hong Kong to mainland China, the uncertainty surrounding this issue forced Hong Kong's residents as well as its filmmakers to examine this subject in depth. Rather than condemning the take over, the filmmakers sought to explore this previously un-chartered subject, seeking to introspect instead of criticizing. This was the moment when Hong Kong cinema matured and carried forward to the second new wave of filmmakers. In his films Wong essentially captures the cultural identity of Hong Kong which was dual in nature. ...
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Considered a modern-day auteur, Won Kar-wai is known for his unique cinematic flair combining innovative style filmmaking with an aesthetic quality borne from the first new wave of directors of which he was a part of. He is regarded as one of the world's premier directors, making audacious, complex films that grab one's heart…
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