Alice Walker

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Today, Alice Walker is one of the best-known and most highly respected writers in the US, but in order to better understand her creative work, one is to know the biography of the writer: Walker's characters and images are inseparable from her own experiences.


During this seclusion from other kids her age, Walker began to write poems. Hence, her career as a writer began.
Despite this tragedy in her life and the feelings of inferiority, Walker received a "rehabilitation scholarship" to attend Spelman College (a college for black women). There she became involved in civil rights demonstrations where she spoke out against the silence of the institution's curriculum when it came to African-American culture and history. Her involvement in such activities led to her dismissal from the college. So she transferred to Sarah Lawrence College in New York and had the opportunity to travel to Africa as an exchange student. Upon her return, she received her bachelor of arts degree from Sarah Lawrence College, in 1965 Walker moved to Mississippi and became involved in the civil rights movement. She also began teaching and publishing short stories and essays. She married in 1967, but the couple divorced in 1976 (Winchell 23-28).
Walker's first book of poetry, "Once", appeared in 1968 - it includes works written during the early 1960's while she attended Sarah Lawrence College. Some of these pieces relate the confusion, isolation , and suicidal thoughts Walker experienced. ...
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