Alexander Gorsky Russian Choreographer

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Alexander Gorsky was one of the most famous ballet-masters of the beginning of 20th century. His contribution to ballet is often compared with revolution made by Fokine. Alexander Gorsky broke traditional attitude to choreography, implemented his own view of ballet, established groundings of ballet popularity in Russia.


The future ballet star was born in St.Petersburg on August 6, 1971. His father was a accountant, but he had very strange hobbies as for man painting, embroidery. He didn't embroidered simple monograms on kerchiefs but very difficult religious pictures. Such interests of the father inoculated in Alexander Gorsky a taste in the beautiful. Alexander was never intended to enter ballet school, his mother wanted him to study in a school of commerce but a chance changed his life. In 1879 he accompanied his sister to the Imperial School of Ballet in St. Petersburg where she was to pass examination. During his sister examination he tried to imitate her moves and the school inspector invited him to join ballet class. (Walter Archibald Propert, 1932) Thus Alexander started his ballet career at the School of Ballet. Only a year after that Alexander Gorsky was invited to the junior class guided by Platon Karsavin who was the father of the famous prima Tamara Karsavina. Very soon Gorsky gained ballet scholarship and continued his education with such contemporaries as N. I. Volkov and Marius Patipa. In 1889 Alexander Gorsky graduated and became a part of the ballet world. The next ten year he spent as a soloist of the St. Petersburg ballet. ...
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