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Abraham Lincoln: The Man Behind the Myths

Lincoln possessed a unique perception towards Blacks and Whites of America, according to which blacks and whites were two different characteristics of the same America, possessing equal right to live their life their way. Their identities were different from each other, their races were dissimilar and even their color were unlike due to which both the races were living in inferiority and superiority complexes. In order to get rid of those complexes it was better for the Blacks of America to settle their lives and families somewhere else. These complexes seemed unable to resolve the conflicts of the racial dilemma.Lincoln, born to a family who belonged to Frontier, was not aware of the principles of cultural sophistication and lacked in several skills, which later escorted him to the political lack of ignorance. Living on a frontier side had a great impact on his personality, as he was not sharp-tongued but possessed a good moral and individual warm-hearted behavior. His childhood and mostly youth was affected from the threshold of poverty. He was a self-educated and a self made man, who started practicing education by barely scrawling his name.Just after his father's death, he could not even get a job but of carpentry and farming. Later he discovered as a misfit to such occupation and found within him an eager desire to learn which later escorted him towards leadership. ...
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The presidency of Abraham Lincoln has conferred his importance not only as a political symbol but also as a devoted leader who advocated and deposited slavery to an end.Lincoln,as an antislavery freed all slaves in revolutionizing states…
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