Life of Tecumseh

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Tecumseh is the renowned Shawnee political leader and war chieftain who was feared and admired both by his allies and opponents alike. Given his outstanding skills in the art of war as well as in public speaking, Tecumseh was revered and given the honor befitting a national hero.


His name is accurately rendered as Tecumtha or Tekamthi, which meant "I cross the way" or "A Panther Crouching for his Prey." As part of the Shawnee tribe, Tecumseh inherited his father's clan affiliation, i.e. the panther clan, after which he was named (Sugden).
Tecumseh was orphaned at an early age. His father, Puckeshinwa, was slain by whites in the Battle of Point Pleasant. On the other hand, his mother, Methoataske, left when he was only seven years old to accompany some of the Shawnee people, who fled in fear of the white settlers, to Missouri. She was never able to return ("Encyclopedia Britannica"). Tecumseh was then raised by his older sister Tecumpease, who faithfully taught him the strict Shawnee code of honesty. Tecumseh also had an elder brother Cheeseekau, who trained him in woodcraft and hunting. Aside from this, his brother also trained him to become a good warrior ("Ohio History Central"). He was also adopted by Blackfish, a Shawnee chief at that time, and grew in a household with several white foster brothers whom the chief had captured ("Encyclopedia Britannica").
Tecumseh's youth was filled with battles between the whites and the Indians. There were abounding murders and massacres as well as relentless invasion of the Shawnee's lands and destruction of their crops. ...
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