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Nietzsche - Book Report/Review Example


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Human beings breed these opposing faculties which help them in determining on the real ‘memory of the will’ and this process of ‘forgetting’ and memory suggests how responsibility originated. According to the author, the concept of ‘conscience’ has a long history and variety of forms behind it and he traces the development of this concept in the next part of the book. He maintains that one of the oldest and enduring psychologies on earth concerning memory is that if something needs to stay long in memory, it should be ‘burned in’ and only things that can never cease to hurt stays in the memory. As the author illustrates, man has always regarded blood, torture, and sacrifice as a means to create a memory for him and the most dreadful sacrifices and pledges, the most repulsive mutilations, and the cruelest rites of the religious cults etc substantiate this view. Nietzsche also analyzes how the ‘bad conscience’ or the other ‘somber thing’ came into the world which directs the book toward the genealogy of morals.

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The Sixties - Years of Hope, Days of Rage by Todd Gitlin
The book essentially carries on with the underlying thesis, which is that the New Left, was the catalyst for change in the decade, using examples of how this catalyst spurred change throughout the 1960s. The author himself was at the forefront of the movement, was able to provide an eyewitness account to many of the big events of the 1960s.
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Sociology and Modernity
He presented nine epochs of history which provided a naturalistic vision of societal evolution. His tenth epoch of the future stated that inequality between classes and societies will be eliminated. He then reasoned that this will result in the improvement of the intelligence, individual morality, and physical well-being.
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Short Stories
Although he shares the literary heavens with immortals like H.G. Wells and Joseph Conrad, O. Henry is sui generis in the short story genre because of the familiar surprising denouement, paraphrases of famous literary lines, and the constant allusion to mythological characters and other writers, all in a few pages-where reading a daily broadsheet would seem an eternity of time.
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Nietzschean Genealogy
It is this amorphousness which gives the ideas an ability to be interpreted in more than one way. Nietzsche's genealogy is no different and fully embodies the multi-interpretation ability. The great writer's work in which genealogy is fully explored is "Genealogy of Morals".
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Conventional Morality
It may be useful to set out initially the traditional interpretations of each philosophy and to work from there in exploring how the two can be seen to compliment, and to conflict with, each other. The basis of JS Mill’s utilitarianism rests on a number of principles, centered the ultimate aim of happiness.
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Vernon God Little by D.B.C Pierre
Vernon's language is full of vulgar language and a distorted outlook of life; also he frequently shares learning's with the readers. In addition to his garbled words, a few were done on purpose, several from a lack of schooling which cannot bind the tongue along with the mind around particular words
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Jack Londons The Call of the Wild
This essay explores the themes in The Call of The Wild. Buck transforms from a soft, domesticated pet into a tough worker schooled in the ways of the law of the club and fang. He suffered the shock of witnessing a vicious dog fight. Curly was the victim who was set upon by the rest of the pack when she could not get up on her feet.
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Foucaults Analyses of the Repressive Hypothesis
Foucault suggests that power and desire are in fact interconnected, and are paradoxically often the opposite of what they appear to be. Thus power is most effective when it is in fact least seen, and desire is often an expression of its opposite. As he argues in the opening of his seminal work, "for a long time, the story goes, we supported a Victorian regime, and we continued to be dominated by it even today .
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The Consolations of Philosophy
Considering this diverse and complicated approach to societal problems Alain De button wrote a book, Consolations of Philosophy which addresses various ways in which philosophy can be used to attain consolation in life. This paper will present a book review of De
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Is reality intelligible ( 3 more pages for the new parts)
and Aristotle, the strong rationalists, the likes of Parmenides, the mysterian naturalists like the examples of Colin McGinn and Noam Chomsky among others. In the presentation of the arguments on the world’s intelligibility, Fraser presents this school of thought in the light
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Friedrich Nietzsche’s On the Genealogy of Morality, which has been recognized Nietzsche’s masterpiece, is a work of sustained brilliance and power, and it offers the most straightforward explication of some of the vital concepts of the author concerning morality. …
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