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Essay example - Sam Houston

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This paper highlights the biography of Sam Houston who had an immense contribution to the politics and laws of Texas. It takes the overview on the Sam Houston life from the beginning of his life until the end of his professional career, paying much attention to his leadership skills…

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Sam Houston was born in the year 1793 in their plantation, in Rockbridge County, Virginia. During his boyhood, he acquired elementary education by attending a local school for a period less than six months. He migrated with his mother together with other siblings to Blount County in Tennessee when his father died in the year 1807. He joined a nearby academy and continued with his education reading more of classical literature. He refused his brothers attempts to work on the farm and in the store, in Maryville.

The mother was a farmer, and they relied majorly on family labor since they could spend time on the farm during weekends and in the evenings after school. It is at this time that he ran away from home in 1809 and lived among the Cherokees. He joined the Army in the United States in the year 1813, and within a period of less than a year, he became promoted to the post of a third lieutenant. It was at this instance that he embarked on his career growth in the public sector before moving to Texas, where he ventured into politics.

There is no doubt that Sam Houston had an immense contribution to the politics and laws of Texas. He moved into Texas in the year 1832, and this is where he began his leadership and political career. He served as a delegate at the Convention of 1833 under the leadership of Wharton H. William. He pursued a law practice while in Nacogdoches. ...
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