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Author has reviewed extensively the available data for developing a rationale to carry out this research work. This literature review has not only been quantitatively but also qualitatively well chosen to support the current research work. …



Again, these mechanisms need further exploration but the existing understanding is that reorganization of F-actin causes destabilization of transinteraction between TJ and AJ proteins of the adjacent epithelial cells and in turn initiate AJC internalization.

Microtubules, which are also an important element of intracellular cytoskeleton have also been found to be closely related to the cell movement as a whole or any intracellular structure formation like, vesiscles and their movement. Data support the abundance of microtubules in differentiated renal and intestinal cells and depolymerization of microtubules leading to disruption of the integrity of TJs and Ajs in some tissues like lungs. This evidence led the author to explore the role of microtubules depolymerization in the disruptions of apical junction complex.

Existing evidence strongly support the role of microtubules depolymerization in the disruption of intercellular connections like tight junctions and adherens junction in various tissues and helps in the pathogenesis of various disease processes. In this regard it has been shown that the endothelial intercellular junctions are also disassembled as well as others like in the brain. Building a rationale on the basis of these data, author formulated a hypothesis: ‘microtubules are involved in the disruption of apical junctions in simple epithelial cells’. ...
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