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The Anatomy of Human Digestive System

Digestion starts with the processing of food mechanically in the mouth. Food is crashed and grounded by teeth, the process is called mastication. This increases the surface area that makes it easier for enzymes to break it down further. Enzymes from the saliva also help to soften the food and breaks down carbohydrates molecules. Partially digested food is then transferred to the pharynx or throat. Pharynx is a common path for air and food. The two leading tubes are the esophagus that leads to the stomach and trachea or windpipe that leads to lungs. The epiglottis is a cartilage tissue that regulates the passage of either food or air. This prevents entrance of solid particles to the lungs. Food is transferred to the stomach through peristalsis. Peristalsis is a series of involuntary wave-like muscle contractions which food move along the digestive tract. The stomach serves as a mixer and grinder of the food. It is the main digestion organ that releases powerful enzymes and strong acids that further break down particulates to compounds the body can able to assimilate. Carbohydrates are converted to simple sugars, proteins are broken down into its component amino acids and lipids are degraded to monoglycerides and fatty acids. Digested food is then transferred to the small intestine that breaks down food using enzymes secreted by the liver and pancreas. ...Show more


Digestion is the process wherein food is mechanically and chemically breaks down into smaller pieces small enough to be utilized and absorb by the body. The human digestive system beginsfrom the mouth, passed through the esophagus, stomach, and the intestinesup to the anus for elimination. …
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