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Essay example - Please use the information to discuss what the findings and recommendations of the Institute of Medicine about reducing medical errors means for both patients as well as healthcare providers (doctors, nurses, etc.), and what type of impact could these red

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When many Americans are harmed as a result of medical errors, the answer seems to be no. Safety is a global concept that includes efficiency, security of care, reactivity of caregivers, and satisfaction of patients and relatives. Errors in…

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Medical errors occur due to convergence of multiple contributing factors, not just due to an individual’s error. Several suggestions have been made to reduce these errors to increase the safety of the patients, including error reporting system, protection of voluntary reporting from legal issues, setting performance standards and expectations, and creating safety systems in health care organizations. Reduction in medical errors means patients’ safety and confidence in the health care system and for health care and its providers it means a degree of excellence by which the institute meets clients’ needs and exceeds their expectations. This can be achieved only when the system, the providers, and the patients play their part. Since medical errors cost a significant amount of money to the hospitals, the money saved by reducing or avoiding medical errors can be used for better patient care and safety. This will also save billions of dollars in health care spending, thereby reducing the cost of medical insurance.
Several medical agencies, including the Institute of Medicine (IOM), have studied the root causes of medical errors and have concluded that one of the main causes is communication (Kohn, Corrigan, and Donaldson 26-48). What does this mean to the patients, the providers, and the institute? For patients, it means that they should make sure that they have communicated their main problem to the physician; in other words, patients should make sure that doctors know what they are here for and that doctors have understood their problem. The patient should disclose every detail correctly as asked by the doctor. Good communication to the doctor should mean that he/she has understood the patient’s perspective. Physicians should listen to patients, talk openly to them, do not mislead them, and warn them of any outstanding issue. The doctor should not devalue the patients’ or their family’s views. If there is a language barrier, interpreters ...
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