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Ear Disorders - Essay Example

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Ear Disorders

Treatment procedures usually include typical treatment modes such as yoga to cope stress in these patients and after that they could be given intratympanic corticosteroids. The function of these corticosteroids is to reduce inflammation in the endolymphatic dust. Also surgical procedures which include decreasing the pressure in the duct in order to maintain the flow of the endolymph in the vestibular system can also be applied in severe cases. But, surgical procedures usually lead to hearing loss as a complication since both the systems are very closely associated (ODonoghue et al 2000).
Excessive endolymph pressure in the endolymphatic duct and the whole inner ear leads to the compression of the nerve endings of the outer and inner hair cells. Once compressed for a longer period of time these nerve endings first generate a symptom of timmitis with alternating periods of hearing loss and then if the disease is not treated these nerve cells eventually die. Since nerve cells do not have the capacity to regenerate the damage once done is usually irrereversible (ODonoghue et al ...Show more


As the patient here diagnosed with Meniere’s Disuse which is the disease of the internal ear and usually involves the endolymph which is the fluid that runs in the semi circular canals and the endolymphatic duct. According to the normal anatomy and physiology of the inner ear,…
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Ear Disorders essay example
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