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Flowering Plants

One of the identifiable properties of living things is adaptation, a property that facilitates internal sustenance of a species across generations. The degree of species’ adaptation abilities however differs to enhance better survival mechanisms in some species than in others and species of terrestrial flowering plants have a number of features that identify their better success than other land plants. The plants’ reproductive system is one of the reasons for their success. Availability of various agents of pollination for the plants for example enhances reproduction through efficient pollination and fertilization (Alford, 2004). Adaptation of female flower organs that facilitates transfer of pollen grains also enhances pollination for seed generation. The nature of dispersal of the plants’ seeds also promotes germination for continuity of the various species of the plants. This is because a fruit or an outer cover of the seeds encourages dispersal and protect seeds in the dispersal process (Thorpe and Thorpe, 2009). Flowering plants also have a variety of structural adaptations towards their success. The plant’s leaves have wide surfaces to facilitate absorption of sunlight for synthesis as well as a structural xylem for that promotes conductivity of water through the plants. Some of the plants also seasonally shed their leaves to adapt to water scarcity (Solomon, Berg and martin, 2010).
The wide adaptation features that promote reproduction, germination, and survival of the flowering plants therefore explain their higher level of success than other terrestrial plants. ...Show more


This paper seeks to explore the reasons why terrestrial flowering plants are considered the most successful among land plants even though they also inhabit environments that are governed by the jungle rule of survival for the fittest…
Author : mgoldner
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