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Writing Assignment on Dopamine Transporter

Due to these sufferings, the veterans find it hard to adjust and gain acceptability in society. Their mental condition hampers their chances of finding jobs within US and due to this, their emotional status becomes worse. They fail to provide for their family and due to ample amount of stress and feeling of alienation from society, they end up taking steps that have dire consequences such as suicide. The government and the private sector need to join hands together to solve this problematic issue. Government has plans and budget to deal with the issues experienced by veterans, but these plans and budgets are not making much of a difference (Woodhead et al., 2011). The private and public sectors need to treat these patients of war through several treatment options available. This writing will focus upon how counseling can assist in solving the problem of anxiety disorder among war veterans and how well this method performed in the past.
Cocker conducted a study on the war veterans of the Gulf War in which he studied over 1,000 veterans. The outcome of his study proved that around 59% of the veterans were diagnosed with some kind of mental and physical disorder; around 387 members of the study had some kind of illness and diagnosis of whether these illnesses were mental or physical could not be concluded; and only 90 or 9% of the veterans were not diagnosed with a health condition. A total of 195 were suffering from some kind of cognitive disorder which was caused just because of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and 16% and 18% of the members suffered from some kind of respiratory issue and muscular disorder respectively (Coker, Bhatt, Blatchley, & Graham, 1999). According to Dobson’s research, when the Australian government started its community counseling services for the Australian veterans of the Vietnam War during the period of 1987, more than 5,000 veterans signed up for the program (Dobson, Grayson, ...
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Every day several soldiers who have been fighting for years at different wars and most recently the veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan war return to their homeland. When they return, they are not in the best shape. They might look physically fit but there are covert health issues…
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