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Clinical Nutrition - Essay Example

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Clinical Nutrition

Different non-starch polysaccharides have unique physical-chemical properties very vital to their physiological properties owing to the structural variability. The physicochemical properties of NSP such as viscosity, water-holding capacity, fermentation, and the capacity to bind organic and inorganic molecules makes it an essential component of the diet. According to (Mann, et al., 2007), these physiological properties associated with their consumption include; a. Reduced bowel passage time and improved stool bulk. It helps prevent constipation by increasing bulk of the gut content by their ability to bind water, thus allowing easy passage through the human intestine. Hence speeds the passage of foods through the digestive system, which facilitates regular defecation. b. Reducing concentrations of post-prandial blood glucose and /or insulin. This means that it enhances improvements in glucose tolerance and the insulin response by adding bulk and weight to the diet. There are improvements in glucose tolerance and the insulin response since NSP attracts water.. c. Reducing concentrations of blood total and/or LDL cholesterol. It reduces hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and other coronary heart disease risk factors by lowering total and LDL cholesterol. d. Reduces the risk of colon cancer. There is the reduced risk of developing some cancers such as Colorectal through balancing intestinal pH and restricts the production of harmful by-products of protein. e. Improves gastrointestinal health. There are improvements in gastrointestinal health through toning of the gut muscles plus fermentation of NSP improves absorption of minerals, especially calcium. The short chain fatty acids assist to lower the pH of the colon, inhibiting the growth of pathogenic organisms, increasing mineral absorption, maintaining normal bowel structure and function, preventing or alleviating colon-based diarrhea, and stimulating the colonic blood flow and fluid and electrolyte uptake. ...Show more


An essay "Clinical Nutrition" claims that dietary fiber is defined as “polysaccharides and lignin there is no digestion takes place in the human beings' small intestine”. Non-starch polysaccharides comprise of; pectin, hemicelluloses, cellulose, together with other hydrocolloids…
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Clinical Nutrition essay example
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