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The intriguing fact in the article is how the author presents the information about panda and penguin abandoning the new born in an effort to sustain itself. This sure does indicate that nature mysterious in its own ways.
The article has many scientific facts which normal people fail to encounter or got less chance to read. They are many facts which people are unheard of. The article also details the reason why these creature abandon their offspring which might not make sense to the social animal albeit humans. The article itself seems to have a sole purpose of providing information to people that what we might think sensible can be absurd for nature and vice versa. This subject is of interest because it explores the unique nature of animal and bird’s and indicates the survival is the key right of the fittest.In total, the article is rich in information and subject and is equally good in the theme as it is a glimpse of the mystery of nature.
The article is all about cancer and how it can dangerous to sound and experience. This subject can be both interesting as well as repelling to people as nobody want to be acquainted with cancer at any point of their life time. The author is health and fitness expert and hence can be more relied upon on the subject of cancer as it is a health issue. From the article, we can understand how a distortive cell engineer itself and progress to the destroy the whole group of cells in less matter of time. Sometime the nature can be a killer as well as saviour. This article makes us think whether cancer is a play of God or ignorance of human being.
The author with her writing makes us wonder that when all the cells do its job well, why a certain cell should go out of direction and attack healthy cells. They have been many scientific reasoning and research in case of cancer but the real cause of cancer still remains a mystery. The cell division and ...
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The reading has an interesting introduction and it clearly indicates the unusual world of animals. The author through this article…
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