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DB 3 - Biology - Coursework Example

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DB 3 - Biology

Medical practitioners should change the drug where minimal or no improvement is evident in a patient. This help to kill the bacteria resistant to the previous antibiotic. Improper use of a given antibiotics also contribute to resistance. Patients who stop medication after observing a slight improvement expose themselves to resistance from the diagnosed bacteria. Therefore, doctors must ensure their patients complete the dosage of a given antibiotic. In instances where the uses of antibiotics are widespread, the pathogen in question is likely to develop resistance as they mutate (CDC, 2014). Violation of antibiotic use in the above ways triggers the bacteria to develop resistance in different ways.
The one sure way to tackle antibiotic resistance is to use antibiotics smartly. Smart use of antibiotic entails avoiding compromise in the use of antibiotic for treatment. There are personal interventions that one can take to avoid the spread of antibiotic resistant pathogens, key being avoiding exposure. The sign found in restrooms is important as far as antibiotic resistance is concerned. It contributes to the fight against antibiotic resistance. It significantly creates awareness.
Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 2015. Antibiotic Resistance Questions & Answers. Web. January 30, 2015. Retrieved from ...Show more


A good example is the Staphylococcus aureus resistance to antibiotic methicillin. Within a strain of bacteria, there are those that are weak and the antibiotic eliminates them with ease. Immunologically stronger bacteria survive the…
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DB 3 - Biology essay example
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DB 3 - Biology
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