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Research Paper example - As ocean temperatures increase, the intensity and strength of hurricanes also increases

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Research Paper
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Warm water retains more energy to trigger hurricanes and may add to the conditions required for the formation of typhoons or hurricanes. The increased sea and…

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Numerous impacts of this increase, on the other hand, were obscure until recently or are still obscure. Some researchers are presently discovering a relationship between the increment in ocean surface temperature and the increment in hurricane intensity and frequency (Chan, 2012). Unless the increment in worldwide temperatures is not stopped or possibly slowed, hurricanes and other natural disasters may tend to keep on growing in duration and strength. It is crucial to see how global warming may incorporate with different variables known to prompt the development of hurricanes (Pielke & Laver, 2005).
Anthropogenic components may be in charge of the warming of the globe. Greenhouse gasses discharged through the utilization of agriculture and fossil fuels, and, in addition, numerous different sources have prompted the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse impact causes the atmosphere to ingest more solar energy yet does not permit this radiation and heat out of the air. The more green gas in the environment, the more radiation and temperature that are caught or trapped and add to increased worldwide temperature (Yoshimura, 2006).
Global warming or temperature increase has had a genuinely huge effect on ocean temperatures. Actually, records demonstrate nearly 1 degree Fahrenheit, around 0.5 degrees Celsius, warming of the seas in the past 50 years. Studies in sea or ocean temperature changes demonstrate that this sort of expansion is exceptional (Stenseth & Straile, 2007). Notwithstanding the increment in ocean surface temperature that has effectively occurred, it is anticipated that multiplying the air carbon dioxide, doubling, would prompt an extra temperature increment of 0.5 degrees Celsius. The liquefying of the polar ice caps additionally raises the ocean surface temperatures around the globe and adds to an increment in the rising heights of the seas.
About 60% of hurricanes occurring in the Atlantic Ocean are developed from winds coming westbound ...
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