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A Long Days Journey Into Night

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Closely based on his own life and presenting one of America's favorite dramatic themes of the dysfunctional family, 'A Long Day's Journey Into Night' is often hailed as O'Neill's greatest play. Written in the early 1940s the play was not performed until his death in 1953; when performed two years after his death it won O'Neill the Pulitzer Prize and gained him the reputation as America's foremost playwright and a status of eminence among world's greatest dramatists.

William Gibsons Pattern Recognition

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Identity change is a recurrent theme in the works of both authors. William Gibson's Pattern Recognition is a work of science fiction set in the contemporary world, which is why the search for identity as the most attention grabbing theme in the novel becomes all the more realistic.

Childe Harolds Pilgrimage by Lord Byron

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(Wikipedia) George Gordon Noel Byron was born on 22 January 1788 in London. He was among the most famous of the English 'Romantic' poets; his contemporaries included Percy Shelley and John Keats. He was also a satirist whose poetry and personality captured the imagination of Europe.

Poem Analysis "Daddy" from Sylvia Plath

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She employs the use of figurative speech in order to convey her message in a simple but indirect way. Her tough childhood depicted in the poem can be compared with the misery that people went through after WW2. She uses her father as an image of Hitler/Nazis as well as mentions some of the shattered towns by the Nazis cruelty, in order to portray the suffering of the people.

The Lord Of The Ring

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The essence of evil is to be found in domination and control with the essence of good found in free will. In the story, the ring at once personifies and symbolizes evil and gives all those who are confronted by its power the fundamental ingredients of evil.

"The Chocolate War"

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Talks on issues concerning justice are very difficult particularly when the issues relate to the absence of justice; hence The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier is a very difficult narrative. The story is about Jerry Renault, a high school pupil in an exclusive boys’ school, who musters the courage to ‘disturb the universe’ or, simply, to defy the prevailing order—status quo—by stubbornly turning down the command to sell boxes of chocolate.

The Periodic Table. Use of Metaphors in the Chapter Nickel

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This is not the only metaphor used in this chapter there are various others like the submarine. Thesemetaphors make the author to be effective in explaining his experience in a disguised manner. Primo Levis a chemistry graduate of Jewish origin that had tried to look for work several times but in vain and was now looking for any sort of paid occupation (Levi 61).

Anton Chekhov

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... A writer should be as objective as a chemist (Anton Chekhov 1860-1904)." This philosophy became the great writer's guideline in writing a short story. In the case of "The Betrothed," Chekhov's last short story, the story was written in a very objective light, leaving the narrator emotionally indifferent and unattached from the characters.

Sidney in theory and practice

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or interpreted to mean the same thing, as in Jonson. "Poesie," writes Sidney, "therefore is an arte of imitation, for so Aristotle termeth it in his word Mimesis, that is to say, a representing, counterfeiting, or figuring forth: to speake metaphorically, a speaking picture." The word imitation does not simply mean "a copy." It means a suggested perfect copy as in the mind of the "seer." Poets in their frenzy are very close to the real and ethereal.

New Glory by Ralph Peters

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Ralph Peters has written several bestsellers with international settings and prize-winning historical novels on the subject of the American Civil War. Ralph Peters' "New Glory" subtitled "Expanding America's Global Supremacy" takes the person who reads on a world tour, informs what is erroneous in each region and advises what American course of action should be.

The comparison of death in literature

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Similar in some ways and contrary in many is death in "One Hundred Years of Solitude" by Garcia Marquez, where in a world of magic realism it comes in various fanciful forms, cannot turn silent the ones it has claimed, and even returns one of its own back to the world of living in the form of Melquiades.

Americas Choice: Environmental Myopia or Long-Term Thinking

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In her article "Don't Mess with Mother" Anna Quindlen analyzes some of the causes and effects of the recent catastrophes and emphasizes: "It's about changing the way we all live now." She means that we should rethink and change the way the natural resources are consumed in order to maintain the environmental equilibrium and secure the future.

Violence in the Ancient World

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Perhaps those who make that connection have a point. After all, since earliest days of recorded narratives, history has been nothing but a continuous bloodbath punctuated by the very occasional and short-lived cease-fire. Aggression has been the rule; peace the exception.

Shakespeare's Measure for Measure

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No one has ever read or seen 'Measure for Measure' without experiencing some bewilderment especially when it comes to fairness. Even on first acquaintance, the variety of impressions gives a disquieting effect on the reader or on the audience; and it is for sure that one feels graver displeasure on the part of such issues of the play, which had to be resolved at the utmost.

First, break all the rules

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The authors used comprehensive data from a whopping number of interviews-more than 80,000 managers from various companies, and from practically every field. They have also included relevant excerpts from the interview transcripts as well as anecdotal stories to support their points.

Reaction to Theme of "Great Gatsby"

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Daisy is married to Tom Buchanan.Nick stands in awe of them and relates the saga as if it were a fairy-tale come to life.For Gatsby and Daisy, life was a fairy-tale,filled with little reality,but rather the illusion that they created in their lives.Even the title conjures images of the performing magician.

Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding

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Thus, the final chapter witnesses the reunion between children and parents, the exposition of those who claim to possess virtue, while they do not, and the revelation of the true possessors of virtue and their subsequent reward. This final chapter and most evidently in the material recognition of parson Adam's worth as a truly virtuous character, resolves the novel's central thematic conflict between genuine and false virtue, further exposing the superficiality upon which prior judgments of character and worth were founded.


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This story vividly shows, how risky can it be to mass with simple rules of nature. Of course, it is impossible to argue that people may use recent medical technologies and achievements of humanity and accept some operations or therapies, which will change or improve natural look or constitution.

Shakuntala by Kalidasa

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During his search he found the deer in the care of a lady known as Shakuntala. The King was very sorry to hurt her pet deer. The kind apologized with Shakuntala and they fell in love with each other. Dushyanta gave him a royal ring and promised to return back to her.

Text Statistics Research

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For this research I selected the articles from "The Sun" and "Daily Mail". In order to make the comparison more homogeneous and rule out some possible differences in word length specific to the article theme, the articles I chose cover the same topic, i.e.

Comparison of Mother Jones and The Beat Within Magazines

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The Beat Within is for and about incarcerated juveniles, calling itself "A weekly publication of writing and art from the inside". Both magazines make injustice the main issue but in very different ways. The Mother Jones covers are similar to mainstream magazines in cover content; each issue has a new drawing/photograph similar to those found on the covers of The New Yorker, Time, or Life.

Plays for a Theatre Class

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During the time in which the engage in recreation took put society frowned winning women asserting themselves Women were hypothetical to play a role in which they support their husbands, took mind of their children, and complete sure the whole thing was ideal around the house.

Workplace Learning Book Report/Review

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It briefly depicts some of these parameters with illustrations, finally advocating the transformation of other unions into learning organisations in the name of their defined aspirations. But does this beautiful concoction satisfy the common criteria of integrity, practical reasoning, clarity and intelligibility of language; of sequential illustrations that readily bear on the conceptions that prompted them, and of such incontestability as should readily recommend the learning organization as a model into which other organisations should necessarily transform Are its results and conclusions fully or partially coincidental with their texts of reference Or do they diverge from them, not justi

Bronte's Jane Eyre

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Jane triumphs in the end, against all the odds through her indomitable spirit, fierce will, and an unwavering sense of justice and morality, which are able to transgress on prevalent mores of society and gender. From the very outset, her social standing is unequivocally spelled out to her:


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Naturally, Zola's novel describes working conditions of the coal miners but it would be reducing to consider Germinal only as a portrayal of a social class. While reading Germinal, it may seem natural to ask ourselves if the way the miners are described reinforces or challenges the assumptions about the working class.
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