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A Long Days Journey Into Night

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Closely based on his own life and presenting one of America's favorite dramatic themes of the dysfunctional family, 'A Long Day's Journey Into Night' is often hailed as O'Neill's greatest play. Written in the early 1940s the play was not performed until his death in 1953; when performed two years after his death it won O'Neill the Pulitzer Prize and gained him the reputation as America's foremost playwright and a status of eminence among world's greatest dramatists.

Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding

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Thus, the final chapter witnesses the reunion between children and parents, the exposition of those who claim to possess virtue, while they do not, and the revelation of the true possessors of virtue and their subsequent reward. This final chapter and most evidently in the material recognition of parson Adam's worth as a truly virtuous character, resolves the novel's central thematic conflict between genuine and false virtue, further exposing the superficiality upon which prior judgments of character and worth were founded.

Carl Rogers Humanistic Approach

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The author states that the two elements, e.g. realness and acceptance are useful and attractive for those who work in the field of psychology. As far as the third element, "empathetic understanding", is concerned, he states that this condition brings a lot of problems.

William Gibsons Pattern Recognition

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William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition is a work of science fiction set in the contemporary world, which is why the search for identity as the most attention grabbing theme in the novel becomes all the more realistic.

Childe Harolds Pilgrimage by Lord Byron

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(Wikipedia) George Gordon Noel Byron was born on 22 January 1788 in London. He was among the most famous of the English 'Romantic' poets; his contemporaries included Percy Shelley and John Keats. He was also a satirist whose poetry and personality captured the imagination of Europe.

John Updike

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Although Sammy's choice to rebel and quit his job at the grocery store might seem to be the primary purpose of the tale, the setting is the real key to understanding what is actually going on inside the little neighborhood grocery. The theme of "A&P" has to do with how Americans make choices that affect their entire lives based on false promises made to them by an economic system that is based upon turning every idea, object and person into a commodity that can be bought and transformed into a status symbol.

A Confederacy of Dunces

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Many fictional characters have had an influence on my life, but there has been one in particular that stands out. It would be difficult if not ridiculous to say that I have patterned my way of life on this character; in fact, I think it would be disturbing to find that anyone had patterned their way of life on this character.

Childrens Literature

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In this essay, one can be challenged and informed as the issues regarding children's literature have been thoroughly discussed and affirmed. Reynolds puts major emphasis on the role of children's literature as a transformative vehicle to both readers and writers.

Jonathan Swifts A Modest Proposal

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While the structure of the essay does follow that of a scientific proposal in Swift's time, the ostensible structure of the paper does not actually show Swift's true opinions, until late in the paper. Paragraph 1 talks about how sad it is for the well-to-do to have to go around town or the countryside and see all of the beggars, who have the effrontery to actually come up to those who appear to have some money, and ask for some.

Symbolism of Narnia in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S.Lewis

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For children who left London to avoid threat of bombing during World War 2 the adventure in Narnia is a great life experience that gave them an understanding what is good and how difficult is to be responsible for the fortunes of the whole land, nation and own family.

Fictional Character

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For, they are based on an understanding of Pinocchio from the sentimentalised Disney cartoons or the condensed versions of the novel that are thought to be more suitable for children. The original novel by Carlo Collodi, which today survives mainly in scholarly editions, is much longer, far more complex and interesting, and also far more intriguing.

American Nation: A History of the United States

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At present America is a developed country and it expanded from small piece of lands along the Atlantic regions, and it includes all the land between Atlantic and Pacific oceans across the big North American continent. When analyzing the pages of history one can understand the dramatic changes that America has gone through in terms of population, economy and technology.

Romeo and Juliet

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The most important characters of this story are Romeo, Juliet, Benvolio, Tybalt, lady Montague, lady Capulet and Friar Lawrence. The most important characters of this story are Romeo, Juliet, Benvolio, Tybalt, lady Montague, lady Capulet and Friar Lawrence.

Rhetoric in ‘Stupid White Men’

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One rhetorical tactic that is utilized throughout the selected text is humour. Another effective rhetorical tactic that is used is the presentation of facts and anecdotes.

Poem Analysis "Daddy" from Sylvia Plath

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She employs the use of figurative speech in order to convey her message in a simple but indirect way. Her tough childhood depicted in the poem can be compared with the misery that people went through after WW2. She uses her father as an image of Hitler/Nazis as well as mentions some of the shattered towns by the Nazis cruelty, in order to portray the suffering of the people.

Tolkien’s Use of Humour in “The Hobbit”

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The book is recognized since ages as one of the best juvenile fictions and is critically acclaimed all over at the same time. The critical acclamations and the financial successes of the book inspired to create the sequel of The Hobbit and it came along with the name, “The Lord of the Rings”.

Japanese culture in the early 20th. Based on the novel "Kokoro"

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The earlier twentieth century of Japan showcased a lot of improvement in the society. Pertaining education was common among the household both in the urban and the rural areas. The protagonist of the story used to stay away from his parents on account of completing his graduation, while his parents used to stay in a less popular province of the country.

Book Report: Kate Chopin’s “The Awakening”

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Kate Chopin effectively uses her story to portray New Orleans and its environs, Louisiana’s Creole society and the gender stereotypes of the late nineteenth century. This make “The Awakening” a valuable interpretation of its historical period.

Shakespeare women in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

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They belong to three different social groups: Hyppolita is the Queen of the Amazons who is about to be married to Theseus, Duke of Athens and this makes her a royal person, well above the level of normal citizens. Titania is also a Queen, but her royal position is located in the land of the fairies, which sets her apart as not human.

"Architecture and Authority in Japan" written by William Howard

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Coaldrake is a powerful attempt to explore the most exalting exhibition of the Japanese civilization---architecture. Particularly, it tackles the close and collaborative relationship between architecture and authority in Japan. The book asserts that there is more to key structures and architectural styles than being mere signs of power of the rulers who built them.

Analysis of Book III Chapter I of The Wealth of Nations

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The author also pointed out the importance of human labor inputted into the manufacturing industry. His view explored the concept that labor could be the most important factor for a nation to reach success and stability.

The Lord Of The Ring

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The essence of evil is to be found in domination and control with the essence of good found in free will. In the story, the ring at once personifies and symbolizes evil and gives all those who are confronted by its power the fundamental ingredients of evil.

Nature of Evil and Imbalance of Nature is Sharespeare's "Macbeth"

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Macbeth’s character undergoes a variety of changes in his personal traits throughout the course of the play, as he moves towards the darker side of life and lets evil engulf him completely. This destroys his life because he gives in to the material wants of life and despite knowing the same, does not stop encountering these aspects during his journey.

"The Chocolate War"

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Talks on issues concerning justice are very difficult particularly when the issues relate to the absence of justice; hence The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier is a very difficult narrative. The story is about Jerry Renault, a high school pupil in an exclusive boys’ school, who musters the courage to ‘disturb the universe’ or, simply, to defy the prevailing order—status quo—by stubbornly turning down the command to sell boxes of chocolate.

The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring

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This paper will seek to establish how Frodo is a hero archetype and how his experiences are universal to humankind. It will also elucidate how a model Frodo is that people can be familiar and handle the colossal and often baffling undertaking of being human.
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