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Homer: The Odyssey

The characters of Odyssey are responsible for the illusion of life in a work of fiction. Their behavior and relationships create an impression of reality within the world of literature. Homer invests in his characters-especially Odysseus-with personality and individuality which will explain adequately and believably why they behave the way they do and why they choose to make the decisions and actions stated in the poem.
There were numerous characters present in Homer's work. It is very noticeable that the variety of characters ranges from human, gods, elementals and animals. They cause the events in the plot for the actions in response to the situations they face become integral parts of the plot.
Argos is most commonly described as the faithful dog of Odysseus. Argos exhibits human characteristics and experiences recognizable human situations. In Fagles' translation of Odyssey, Book XVII mentions the character of Argos as one of the loyal supporters and friends of the Odysseus.
Odysseus was known to a master of deception. He used his wit and strategies to become an anonymous person that they would fail to recognize until he reveals himself to them. He failed one time in his Argos was able to see Odysseus beyond his clothes and appearance. ...
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Odyssey is considered as one of the literary masterpieces of all time. This is originally written by Homer and later on translated by several authors such as Robert Fagles. This epic poem interprets the human experiences through the presentation of the life of Odysseus and his adventures and journeys…
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