Nutting by William Wordsworth

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William Wordsworth is the most celebrated Romantic poet and a careful analysis of his poem 'Nutting' has central significance in an understanding of the novelty of Romantic writing. In other words, Wordsworth's 'Nutting' provides one of the best illustrations of the originality of romantic language and poetic form of the Romantic poets.


The entire poem, especially the illustration of the child and its experiences, help the poet introduce the readers to the specific characteristics of Romantic language and style. A careful reading of the poem is necessary to find the Romantic elements in it and to relate the poem to the historical facts of the period. Such a reflective reading of the romantic texts in general, and 'Nutting' in particular, requires careful analysis of every word and phrase in the poem. According to Stephen Bygrave "it goes right down to the level of the single word. Even single words in Romantic texts can be charged in a way we may not notice." (Bygrave, 13) Therefore, this paper undertakes a careful reading or analysis of the poem 'Nutting' by Wordsworth in order to identify the various elements of Romantic originality in the language and the form of the Romantic poetry, including rhyme, rhythm, metaphor, imagery, tone, word order, alliteration, and point of view etc.
A profound understanding of the language used by Wordsworth in the poem 'Nutting' is essential in order to comprehend the novelty and nature of Romantic writing and simplicity is the essence of his language which uses the language of the common man. ...
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