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The tumultuous vultures of desire ,hope ,fear ,disappointment and tragedy manifest themselves in the themes of the two plays , "Death of a Salesman," and "A Raisin in the Sun," .


The play was referred to as the " first great American tragedy" which addressed the popular notions of the American Dream as it addressed the painful social conflicts and the blind faith in the American Dream which was so characteristic of the fifties in the post war America . This work'play portrays the themes of crass commercialism and the political lies which disillusioned (you are confusing your past and present tense, read carefully)the society which overshadowed the original American Dream of the Founding Fathers.

The drama has retained its original dream and flair even today and has even influenced pop culture .The concept of the American Dream, how it relates to the notions of material success and how it affected the family structure of the American Society features prominently within the essay. Miller's portrayal of an America afraid of the "Communist takeover" and its struggle to save capitalism also shows how the myth of the "American Dream" was manipulated to reflect a peaceful homogenous society.
The drama portrays an American family where the main protagonist Willy Loman’s wife is insisting that he should stop his travelling salesman activities and that he should shift to New York , the city of big dreams and promises. The play goes on to portray the way the children are criticised by Loman and unhappy and how the wife is dissatisfied by her husband. The text further shows individual dreams and desires as the two children/young adults fantasise about a life where they can have an ideal life at the ranch. Willy’s dream of having the perfect sons and good finances is also shown.
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