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Aldous Huxley's Brave New World is a novel that was published in 1932. His society, set at some point in the distant future, is a frightening aberration. It is kind of like an example of a world government gone mad with power. People have been deprived of all their lives and forced into a hive-like mental state.


They have everything they want and need, but the people below them, which are the majority, have to take what they are given. Socialism may be ok for an ant colony but it is an unnatural system for humans and can only work by force. The socialist nature of Brave New World is detrimental to its society.
Long before Karl Marx wrote his book about communism there were people who wanted socialism. It is true that even though the Russian Communists and German Nazis hated each other, they were both socialist systems. Nazi is the initials of National Socialists. These systems are popular a lot of times when they start and they get to be there because the people want them. Poor people always believe that their life can only get better. This is not true. Not one socialist country has ever lasted for long, and they are usually just there because some dictator and his army make the people obey him. It puts down the individuals and stops people from doing art and science and takes away the people's human rights. Huxley means to shock the people who read his book, and he does. It is because from the opening paragraph of Brave New World, where the reader learns there is only one government left in the world (Huxley 1). The reader gets to go on a tour of a laboratory that was built to fertilize and grow human babies. ...
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