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Cinderella - Book Report/Review Example

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The story of the beautiful but motherless Cinderella is one of the most loved fairy-tales of all times. This story appears in more than 1500 versions, in almost all the languages of the world, and can be seen as an allegorical tale of the ultimate victory of good over evil…

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In all the versions of Cinderella, we have the same recurring theme of a young motherless girl, hard-working and virtuous, being ill treated by her stepmother and sisters. She is helped by a magical being through the rough paths of her life, and finally finds freedom by the intervention of some kind stranger, generally of royal blood. The French version, the most popular one features the godmother, while the German version called Aschenputtel, depicts Cinderella being helped by the tree which he plants on a mother's grave. This tree provides help in the form of white doves and gifts. (
One of the Russian versions of Cinderella has a magical doll, who helps Cinderella in her difficult tasks, especially the ones set by Baba Yaga, an old hag who features in many Russian fairytales, while in the European versions, Cinderella has a fairy godmother, who appears mysteriously whenever Cinderella needs her. The Russian tale features white, red and black riders, whom Cinderella meets in the forest, when she is sent there by the stepmother to fetch light, which are generally seen as embodiments of objects in nature. The white rider is thus identified as Day, the red one as the sun and the black is night.
Vasilissa prekrasnaya (1939) which is the Russian version of the fantasy family story of the story 'Cinderella' was written by writers O Nechayeva and Vladimir and was directed by Al ...
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