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Essay example - Translation

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We all know the importance of translations from one language to the other and its impact on globalization. And due to this reason there are many translation guide books in the market to help a layman understand a language and carry out transactions in languages other than the ones known to him…

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This book especially addresses the need for a systematic approach so that training in translation research can become easier. Most translations in the book are literal. The book has a number of bona fide examples, which are very interesting and informative. This book directs the reader to spell and pronounce correctly and understand the differences in different languages and is a standard course book worldwide.
Addressing the need for the translation profession as a whole it is about training in translation. It focuses on people who love words and translation of the text. It garners some of the most peculiar and intriguing examples and expressions from our world of language and expression for which one finds no easy English translation equivalents.
It addresses the training approach one should take to doing in translation studies. Shows the link between the theoretical findings and the actual translation work in the real world. It explores the meanings of single words and their expressions to grammar and the words in their cultural contexts. It draws on key areas in modern linguistic theory and relates them to translation and the problems one faces in translation how one adopts strategies to solve them. Examples are drawn from various languages and their texts which are translated. ...
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