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Book Report/Review example - Private Peaceful

Book Report/Review
Book Reports
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Private Peaceful is a novel by Michael Morpurgo in which he has gone through the task of contrasting bravery with cowardice. The question of what is means to be a man and a soldier who is ready to demonstrate bravery and intelligence for the benefit of others arises…

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The failure by the British government to grant posthumous pardons to these soldiers is also highlighted. Most of these young men had been uprooted from their lives and have been casted into the fore front of the brutal World War 1 forefront. Their journey from innocence to adulthood bares a sharp contrast from any illusion of the glory of war The simple literary style of this novel allow for it to be easily understood be a ten year old, despite the fact that it touches on some weighty issues such as cowardice, heroism, poverty, family, loyalty, modesty and innocence. The first person narrative has been effectively applied such that the reader has present day feel rather that a distant event look of a ninety year old event. The book evokes a real feeling of depression in its quest for realism
Private Peaceful revolves around a seventeen year old called Tommo Peaceful and it begins with the Tommo reminiscing while in the trenches at War. The readers are unaware of his predicament and wonder why he sits vigil wants "to try to remember everything, just as it was, just as it happened. I've had nearly eighteen years of yesterdays and tomorrows, and tonight I must remember as many of them as I can. I want tonight to be long, as long as my life not filled with fleeting dreams that rush me on towards dawn. ...
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