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These works exemplify the Romantic Movement in their style of poetic expression. With an almost 'stream of consciousness' technique in both, the essence of time and place, and more importantly, the poets' own impressions and originality of thought and presentation come alive.


Social awareness and creation of the moment are evident, combining to engage the reader. The style, form and technique of each poem will be examined separately, and comparisons and contrasts will form the conclusion of this essay.
1. London - William Blake (1794) The poet's his own voice presents a stark and darkly negative vision of suffering humanity, almost crushed to extinction by the circumstances of the times. He portrays a section of society, observed and interpreted with metaphor, rhetoric, visual and auditory imagery. Using four stanzas of four rhyming quatrains, with iambic pentameter and the assonance of true rhyme, the poem drives home the writer's messages. There is a ruthless force, an unrelenting build-up of the passion and anger Blake felt about the conditions he observed in that society; the rhythms drum into the mind. The vivid imagery denotes the darkness, figuratively and literally, the only colours red and black, of a city at night. People only exist, not live.
The enjambment and alliterative repetition of 'mark' tells us reader what Blake saw, or marked/noted, while skilfully alluding to people being 'marked' or defined by weakness and woe. The visual imagery is further emphasized by the metaphor of "mind-forged manacles" (l. 8) and both sound and sight are evoked in
The "cry ...
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