Comparison of Mother Jones and The Beat Within Magazines

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This comparison was conducted looking at the online versions of Mother Jones (September/October 2005 and back issues), a bi-monthly magazine and The Beat Within (September 7, 2005), a weekly magazine. Mother Jones focuses mainly on the wrongs done to society.


The covers reflect the emphasized issues, using drawings or photographs. They are fairly eye-catching, such as the May/June cover featuring Uncle Sam with is tall hat in flames and the headline, "As the World Burns," or the current issue headlined "The WMDs That Walked Away," featuring a cartoon face of a Johnny Quest-ish looking Middle Eastern man with charcoal gray skin and gold eyes. The covers of Mother Jones are dynamic and imaginative but definitely left-leaning.
The online version of The Beat Within was studied. There cover of the September 7 edition is a pencil sketch of handcuffed wrists, upturned, with jail bars in the background. In the upper left-hand corner of the cover page is a logo of a person sitting in a jail cell, writing. This is a powerful symbol that dispels myths about incarcerated people; it encourages an empathetic feeling. The challenge of the online version is that one needs to read and explore the site to discover its intentions and content. Most mainstream people would likely not be bothered to delve any further than the glance at the title page and self-description.
Mother Jones' table of contents offers a healthy plethora of articles with a wide range of subjects; the current issue ranges from the story of a guilt-ridden Bill Wiseman, who voted to restore Oklahoma's death penalty then became ...
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